How It Works…

As a mum, I know it can be a struggle twice a day to clean your child’s teeth and I realised there were no toothpastes on the market that ticked all the boxes: fun for kids, contained the right amount of fluoride and tasted great so that young children loved using it.

So I designed our unique system to help engage your child in wanting to brush their teeth, offering amazing child friendly flavours of toothpaste and consistently delivering the right amount of dentist approved toothpaste.

Helping kids want to brush

Our unique system has been designed with you and your child in mind, they deliver just the right amount of paste straight to the bristles of the brush.

Where to buy

The Buddies range is directly available to buy from our online store, or your dentist saving you money on postage

Frequently asked questions

If you want to know more, but can’t find the answer, check out our Frequently Asked Questions


Here you’ll find fun, free games, activities and advice to help your little ones learn more about the importance of keeping their teeth clean.

Product Reviews

“I cannot thank you enough, the last few weeks have been a dream, no more little monster in the bathroom.”
London Bird LucyBlogger & Delighted Customer
LP and Little Man both liked using the Hint of Mint toothpaste...We’ve loved using Buddies Toothpaste and will definitely be using it again in the future.
They really enjoyed the flavours, chatting cheerfully about how fruity and juicy they were. I should confess that the 7 year old is not a keen fruit-eater at the best of times but she adored the apple flavour and hasn’t used anything else since.
Menai NewbouldSatisfied Customer